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Intertek Recycled PET Certification 中文版   

Sustainable development is a global topic in 21’s century. Environment, health, recycle-economy and energy conservation have been the main theme in harmonious society. Thus, recycled PET (RPET) fibers that can be used in fabrics and garments with high quality are now being respected by international buyers and lead a new fashion.

Since there is little significant difference between the virgin PET fibers and recycled PET fibers in molecular structure, supramolecular structure and performance, it is difficult to determine whether a product is made from recycled materials through common testing, but to conduct certification by authorized third party. In view of environmental protection and resource re-use concept has already gained recognition, many brands and companies recommend using renewable fibers and products produced by recycled polyester in order to meet consumers’ requirements. They promote environmental protection and resource conservation to win greater opportunity. Thus, the certificate demands for these products rapidly rising.

In order to meet the requirements of RPET manufacturers, Intertek develops a strict certification scheme to help them identify their RPET fibers, yarns and fabrics. The scheme is composed of two certification services, “Intertek Recycled PET Management System Certification” (MSC) and “Intertek Recycled PET Product Conformity Certification” (PCC).

Intertek Recycled PET Management System Certification (MSC)
Intertek RPET MSC aims to help manufacturers prove their abilities to manufacture recycled PET products and establish an effective mechanism for product identification and traceability, ultimately building their green image.
The MSC scheme is applicable to the factories producing recycled PET products, including fibers, yarns and fabrics. The complete processing procedures covers the evaluation of the whole supply chain, from raw materials to final products, and the review of all relevant documents, as well as the assessment and certification of their management system for managing the recycled PET manufacturing processes. Once the on-site evaluation confirms the conformity of information with the manufacturer’s actual practice and effectiveness of its quality management, a certificate will be issued by Intertek. The certificate will entitle the manufacturer to label their promotional materials and bulk packaging, during the period of validity, with Intertek RPET MSC Mark.

Intertek Recycled PET Product Conformity Certification
Intertek Recycled PET Product Conformity Certification (PCC) can be applied on the organizations seeking labeling.

Intertek RPET MSC is established according to ISO/IEC Guide 65. Intertek RPET PCC is built upon MSC with additional testing items. Both on-site evaluating and sampling will be taken while auditing the processing procedures of the factory. Then the chemical and physical characteristics will be tested and compared between incoming materials and the final products to identify the RPET component, thus meeting the requirements of labeling issue. Manufacturers will be allowed to apply the Intertek PCC mark to their final products if the conditions and requirements of PCC are fulfilled and if the authorization to use the PCC mark on a product has been granted by Intertek. This will help increase consumer confidence.



Intertek RPET Management System Certification
Intertek RPET Management System Certification Scheme
Intertek RPET Management System Certification-General Requirements
Intertek RPET Management System Certification Application Form
Intertek RPET Management System Certificate Sample

For enquiry on Recycled PET Management System Certification, please contact 86-21-6091 7564, heidi.lv@intertek.com.

Intertek RPET Product Conformity Certification
Intertek RPET Product Conformity Certification Application Form
Intertek RPET Product Conformity Certificate Sample

For enquiry on Recycled PET Product Conformity Certification, please contact 886-2-6602-2664, jason.chen@intertek.com.

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