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Chemical Tested Mark – Raw Materials & Components

Extend market penetration and increase your market share with Intertek's very own Chemical Tested Mark, a branded trust mark which enables Intertek clients to promote safety and quality as an intrinsic part of their value proposition. With more regulations being put into place each day, it is getting increasingly important to ensure the quality beginning from raw materials and components (eg. electronic components, dyes, fabric, glue, leather, metal alloys, paints, paper, paperboard, pigments, plastics, resins, solvents, wood, etc.). The Intertek Chemical Tested Certification Scheme instills piece of mind to fabricators and producers that such materials and components are free from specific restricted hazardous substances.

The Solution:

Intertek Chemical Tested Mark is applicable to all kinds of raw materials and components used in the manufacturing of toys, hardgoods, apparel, footwear, electronic and electrical products. Upon successful completion of the certification scheme, the applicant will receive a Certificate of Conformity which authorizes the use of the Intertek Chemical Tested Mark. The mark can then be used on the packaging and advertising materials of the certified raw materials or components. In addition, the information of the applicant, certified raw materials and components will be published on Intertek's website as a form of recognition as well.

Chemical Certification Scheme:

• Factory Quality Measures Desktop Audit
• Product Testing
• Market Surveillance

The certificate issued will be valid for one year, and during this period of time Intertek may carry out testing on random samples purchased from markets or downstream users, and such costs will be absorbed by Intertek.

Good compliance history in the scheme may even result in reduction in testing items during certification renewal.

With an international reputation as a leading independent third party certifier across many industries and products, Intertek’s Chemical Tested Mark certification scheme is easily adaptable and scalable to changes in international requirements.

The scheme is efficient, cost effective, and can be implemented immediately. This certification is available exclusively through Intertek.

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