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Quality Tested Mark – Hardline

To survive in this competitive market, it’s necessary to continuously improve performance, overcome market constraints, reduce risk and strive for efficiency to protect and strengthen market share. Conformity to local requirements is also mandatory before products can be sold. You need to ensure that quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for your product are met in virtually any location around the world. By certifying these standards, your brand communicates values that will warrant a vital sense of consumer trust.

Quality Tested Mark is evidence that a product not only conforms to applicable standards, but that there is a systematic approach to ensure consistent quality of manufacturer beyond the initial testing samples. Intertek provides product, process, and system certifications that help you gain competitive advantage in the diverse markets in which you source, manufacture and sell your products. It can be a powerful marketing tool to build confidence throughout distribution and end-user channels. Based on your requirements, tailor-made program is developed to emphasize quality and performance of:

Evaluates the range of conditions a product can handle and continue to function. These conditions can include, but not only include, temperature, vibration, humidity, chemicals, pressure, voltage, and hundreds of other sources of damage. It can help you minimize risk from warranty, insurance and damage claims by detecting design flaws early.

Evaluates performance of a product’s main functions and features under normal use. It can also help to determine how you product measures against the competition and to make informed decisions on price points, and product design.

Regulatory compliance
Evaluate your product for compliance with the quality, safety, performance, legal and ethical standards irrespective of your and your customer’s location in the world as well as some unique methodologies developed specially for you products. We can also test the same product to a range of international standards if required.

Verify a product’s physical characteristics as indicators of high quality fabrication and handling techniques. This independent verification can gain markets trust, at the same time, can lead them to the right product choice.

Assess ease of use for the intended tasks. It can help you determine the product’s overall ease of use and how well your product will be accepted by the end user.

Other Specific Procedures
Tailor-made certification schemes are also available based on your needs. Different requirements apply for each mark, and certain certifications can be granted based on document review and/or testing results without on-site evaluation. Intertek will work with you to customize and evaluation appropriate for your particular operational goals.

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