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Quality Tested Mark – Chemical

Based on the environmental protection requirement for consumer products in international markets, the chemicals used during the manufacturing process of all kinds of consumer products (e.g. textiles, leather) are tested or certified to detect any restricted hazardous substances. The testing is referenced to the REACH Regulation (EC) or other commonly adopted industrial standards. Client that passes the evaluation(s) is granted a certificate and authority to use the certification mark. The client can use the certificate and certification mark in the process of promotion of the certified products.

For clients having completed the documentation review, they can use the certification label on the certified products packaging after getting permission of Intertek. Those clients obtaining certification label demonstrate their ability to implement some ecological quality management measures for improvement of the certified products quality and ecological stability.

Benefits of Intertek Tested Mark – Chemical

All the Chemicals including additives and colorants which would be applied in the manufacturing of the consumer products can apply for the Intertek Tested Mark - Chemical Scheme. The applicants can apply for one or more evaluation items for their chemicals. Certification of chemicals provided by manufacturers and distributors provides confidence to customers and proves to downstream users that their products are free from restricted hazardous substances. The certificate issued by Intertek will help the certified chemicals get the market recognition and trust they deserve.

Certification Process

Click to Download Intertek Quality Tested Mark - Chemical Certificate Sample

For enquiry, please contact 86-21-6091 7622, shinne.li@intertek.com.

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